The ZUDA community gives love away Leataata Floyd Elementary & River City Food Bank

Part of what makes the ZUDA community so awesome is the way it is so willing to support others and each other.

During the 2013 holiday season, ZUDA hosted a Giving Tree at each studio location to support children and families at the Leataata Floyd Elementary School and provide food to the River City Food Bank.

The trees were filled with ornaments representing the greatest needs of the community. Below is a statement from Father Brian Baker, Dean of Trinity Cathedral, who facilitated this giving opportunity:

ZUDA students donated a remarkable amount of socks, underwear and food that will provide needed help to the 278 students at Leataata Floyd Elementary. Every student at this school is living in a family in poverty.

New socks and underwear may not seem like exciting Christmas gifts, but they can be a luxury for families struggling to pay for food. Several years ago, Trinity Cathedral began operating a clothing closet at the school where children and families could get lightly used clothing. Shortly after opening, a young student asked if he could get some underwear for his mother. The volunteers realized they would need to supplement the used clothing with new socks and underwear. They are often the first things to be picked up by the children.

The food that was donated will be split between the Friday food program at Leataata Floyd (where children can take sacks home for the weekends) and River City Food Bank (the only food bank in the area that is open every weekday to anybody from Sacramento County who is experiencing hunger).

Thank you for giving love away this holiday season!

ZUDA Yoga community supports Leataata Floyd Elementary School

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