The “Why” Anatomy of Yoga with
Todd Drybread – 50 Hour Program



Understanding the Anatomy of your body and the Anatomy of yoga, will allow you to deepen your practice in a safe, more empowering way, while providing insight to create and teach classes in a powerful and meaningful way.  Dr. Todd’s “The Why Anatomy of Yoga” programs, take the traditional learning’s of the body’s anatomy and physiology and not only applies it to your yoga practice, but gives you a deeper insight to the why of it all. Rather than teaching you about the body, he teaches you about your body.

No two bodies are the same.  Everyone’s bones and muscles are slightly different.  Understanding what is happening in your body and that of others can change the way you experience your body in every yoga pose and how you speak to the poses while teaching a class.

The “Why” Anatomy of Yoga 50 hour workshop will include lecture, practice and hands on teaching over 2 long weekends.


•A deeper understanding of your body and your yoga practice.  Then using that knowledge to learn to speak to a class.
•An understanding of the purpose behind each yoga pose.
•An appreciation of your own strengths and limitations in your practice.
•Ability to experience your practice in a more fulfilling and empowering way.
•Gain a deeper understanding of the body so that you can create a well balanced powerful class.


The “Why” Anatomy of Yoga 50 hour workshop will include lecture, practice and hands on teaching over 2 long weekends.

Principles Covered:
•No two bodies are the same.
•Just because two people look the same, they are not experiencing the pose the same.
•A deeper understanding of what is happening in a pose and the “Why” behind each pose.
•Use your anatomy knowledge to give simple but powerful cueing.
•Ability to create a powerful, well balanced class.
•An understanding of taking students into a pose based upon function rather than aesthetics.
•When you are limited by your anatomy, learn how to experience the pose more fully.
•What causes certain injuries and how to avoid them.
•Other topics included: Pranayama, Fascia, Biotensegrity, Yin vs Yang, Anatomy of Sequencing and more.

*While this Workshop is a qualifying part of 300hr Zuda Teacher Training, it is open to the general public.
*This workshop will qualify for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit hours.
*Prerequisites: None

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Anatomy Program

Dates 2018
Weekend 1: January 10-14
Weekend 2: January 24-28

Training schedule:
Wednesday: 6:30pm – 10:15pm
Thursday: No session
Friday: 6:15pm – 10:15pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 6:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 6:30pm


Cost: $675
$600 Early Bird: Register before December 15, 2017

“Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to look at the world upside down in order to see things right.”
- Gia Oldman