Zuda’s Flight School


Inversions and arm balances are an exciting addition to a vinyasa practice, but learning them can be a bit scary. Zuda has 5 different inversion workshops dedicated to taking students into flight! Zuda’s experienced teachers will take you step-by-step through these uplifting poses and empower you to explore them on your own.

Flight School: Foundations

Discover headstand, handstand, forearm balance and more! We will build a strong foundation for these poses and focus on the bandhas — powerful energetic locks within the body-that make these up-side-down poses possible.

Flight School: Connections

Connections is all about integrating new poses into the flow. Explore how to add side crow, tripod headstand, running man, peacock, 8-Limb sage, and more into your regular yoga practice. Come prepared to work and sweat and have fun.

Flight School: Immersions

Intensely focused on the bandhas (the subtle, energetic locks within the body), you’ll learn crow to hand stand, jump-throughs, floating forearm stand, eight-limb sage, flying pigeon, twisted flying pigeon and how to float to crow. You don’t need to have participated in the other two Flight Schools to take this workshop.

Flight School: Flow

Expand your horizons in this dynamic inversion-focused Vinyasa class. You will creatively implement inversions anywhere into your practice as you move one breath, one movement.

Flight School: Falling Up

Falling is normal when attempting inversions and balancing poses. You’ll spend time becoming more comfortable falling out of a shape, so you can take the fear out and put the fun in.

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Dates coming soon!

Cost: $35
Member Cost: $30

“Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to look at the world upside down in order to see things right.”
- Gia Oldman