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Hey there! I’m Anne Marie Kramer. Once we’ve met, you can call me AMK, Mama Bear, or Amkzing — I answer to all of these names.

I’m your coffee-drinking, sugar-loving (seriously, I’m working on it) yoga teacher who believes yoga should be powerful while being playful. After teaching others for 25 years, I’ve learned that everything and everyone is a mirror and yoga is everywhere.

Some people might find me intimidating, this is just me, thriving in my zone, speaking clearly from my heart. What scares people is that I notice them.

I see people. Not like that little boy in the Sixth Sense – I don’t see dead people (but hey, the day is young!). I see things in people that they didn’t know were there. I see their deepest pain and what’s holding them back — and I call it out. People learn to cry for the first time in yoga.

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