AMK’s Love Notes & Praise

Kristen Fiore, interior designer, yoga teacher, Anne Marie Kramer, Sacramento, RosevilleKristen Fiore, yoga teacher & interior designer
Anne Marie Kramer has a knack for seeing who you are and a gift for leading a person to realize their fullest personal potential. She is supportive and intuitively helps you hone your vision and fulfill your dreams. Her insight and guidance has helped me quiet the static of self doubt. AMK gave me the courage to step into and fulfill two life long passions. In 2015, I launched Kristen Elizabeth Design, my interior design company. I also began teaching yoga. Today, I walk with happiness, hope and fulfillment and am forever grateful.


Naja Davis, fitness instructor, meal prep, Anne Marie Kramer, SacramentoNaja Davis, fitness instructor & meal prep business owner
Anne Marie Kramer has a way of bringing out the best, most authentic version of a person. Her strength, honesty, wisdom, fearlessness and light are the reasons why I can finally show up for my life. I was just going through the motions, incredibly unsure of what I wanted or how to be happy. Today, I am a full-time fitness instructor, and I run my own meal prep service. These are passions I didn’t know I could achieve if Anne Marie had not pushed me to simply be me. Now, I have purpose, direction and rediscovered my passion for life.


rocky fletcher, anne marie kramer, earnest maxing, sacramentoRocky Fletcher, business owner of Earnest Maxing, a general contracting business
Anne Marie Kramer appeared as my teacher about two years ago in yoga teacher training. She helped me see how I was standing in the way of my own growth, able to motivate me through the resistance, and held me in tears and joy along the way. After my second training with Anne Marie, I launched a general contracting business. Like any business in its infancy, there are plenty of growing pains but our volume has increased 7x in the last year, and we are on track to nearly double again this year. Anne Marie has encouraged me to speak my truth, to embrace my identity, to stand in my own power to teach others — in my own way.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.”
- John Whitmore