At Zuda, we say that teacher training never ends. The goal for Zuda Yoga teachers is to stand out — to be outstanding. We want to give teachers the best opportunity to be successful, to be powerful, to be authentic, to be whatever it is that they’re wanting! The Zuda Yoga Teacher Network is a community of teachers from around the world with the common goal of using yoga to create possibilities in their lives and the lives of others. Meet Zuda’s Certified Teachers.

Aaron Duncan

Santa Monica, California

Amie Anderson

Sacramento, California

Amy da Silva

Sacramento, California

Amy Selix

Sacramento, California

Becca Breining

Folsom, California

Bridget Chase

Sacramento, California

Cathy Connors

El Dorado Hills, California

Danielle Rinallo

Rochester, New York

Darcy Austin

Sacramento, California

Hana Russell

Sacramento, California

Heather Foat

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Heidi Rydman

Vacaville, California

Jessica Calafati

Washington D.C.

Katie Clark

Folsom, California

Megan Prager

San Diego, California

Nick Clark

Folsom, California

Sarah Shepherd

Stockton, California

Stephanie Birch

Sacramento, California

Stephanie Weyer

Folsom, California

Tiffany Frassetto

Roseville, California

Victoria Belasco

Sacramento, California

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Requirements to Become Zuda Certified
Completion of Zuda’s Phase 1 Teacher Training
Completion of the Zuda Assisting Program
Currently teaching at least 1 class/week
Logged 100 hours of teaching
Yoga Alliance certification
Proof of liability insurance