Becca Breining

October 10, 2018
Jessica Napier

Becca Breining

Folsom, California
As a trained dancer, my body has always loved to move. Movement helps me to get out of my own head. Yoga not only moves us but it incorporates breath and movement. It circulates our blood and opens up our heart and our possibilities. I’ve learned during my journey that if you want something, you have to make sure someone else has it first. I want to share what yoga has to offer with the world, and I want to remain reachable through the humility of teaching others.

What is your biggest challenge in teaching?

Speaking my truth at group level.

What book or author has influenced you the most?

The China Study

What is a memory that can make you laugh out loud?

My mom farting violently in a packed yoga class after rolling from her back to a seat.