Heather Foat

August 28, 2018
Jessica Napier

Heather Foat

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
I used to visit my yoga mat to cry, to release stress, and unlearn everything I had been taught and was mimicking from my divorced parents: anger, lack of forgiveness and resentment. In my mid-twenties, I found myself in a job and life situation that didn’t fit me and who I wanted to be, but I didn’t know what to do, what direction to take or how to even get myself out of it. I was lost. Yoga became my therapy and still is. Going inward, I am able to have an honest dialogue with my heart to acknowledge where I’m at and where I’m going. Yoga is not just for the physical body, it takes you to a soul level and being that I needed help to get there, I aim to guide people deeper within themselves to find the answers they are looking for to be and live as their best self as this practice and my teacher, Anne Marie, has shown me.

What are you a “YES” for?

I am a YES for mindfulness, for personal responsibility, for the freedom of authentic expression because we are the future and by leading by example, we can create the change that needs to happen.

How do you define yoga?

Yoga is community. Practicing next to other people, whether you speak to them or not, there is an unspoken support that you are not alone.

What book or author has influenced you the most?

Hands down, Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele. If I had enough money, I would hand this book out to everyone.