Heidi Rydman

January 31, 2019
Jessica Napier

Heidi Rydman

Vacaville, California
Yoga is a constant evolution. We are all facing a battle everyday. It can be as simple as eating or drinking less. Or it can be as big as leaving a marriage, a job, or maybe the worst — you lost a love in your life and you don’t know how to cope. Every day, we choose to evolve or repeat. When we show up to out mat we choose our own evolution. We choose to go inside, we choose to get uncomfortable because that’s where growth happens! So I choose evolution, so I can stay somewhat sane with two toddlers. Is your evolution digging yourself out of a deep dark hole, or do you just not feel anymore, really feel? It’s up to you: Repeat? Or Evolve? All you have to do is show up…….

What qualities do you value the most?

Honesty, love and family.

What are you a “YES” for?

Love, laughter, adventures, yoga, growth, compassion and JOY!

How do you define yoga?

Peace and love.