Nothing in yoga happens by accident and that includes our environment. Zuda Yoga offers heated yoga. The perfect temperature is achieved in three ways — the heat in the studio (between 85ºF and 95ºF), the heat caused from the flow and the heat generated from our breath.

Heated yoga increases the efficiency of our physical systems including cardiovascular, nervous, elimination and immunity.

Heated yoga warms the muscles for safer stretching, which in turn allows for a dynamic yoga practice.

Naturally, heated yoga causes you to sweat more. Sweat is an excellent method of detoxifying your body and giving your kidneys a rest.

I think the heat is getting to me.

Water. Water. Water. Drink it. Often. Drink it during the day. Before you arrive at the studio. While you’re at the studio. After your practice.

Listen to your body. Are you just uncomfortable or are you dizzy and nauseous. If it’s discomfort, that’s normal. If it’s dizzy and nauseous, stop and rest. Oh, and drink some water.

When you set up your mat, remember, it’s cooler in the front of the studio near the windows.

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“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
- Isak Dinesen