Zuda Yoga Assisting Program (ZAP)

Have you ever been in class and had someone touch you, assist you, at just the right time? It encouraged you to go deeper into a pose while providing support and a sense of calm. It was done with a loving intention and is just what you needed at that particular moment. A powerful assist has the ability to change the way a person views her practice and herself.

  • Have you ever wondered what it means to “deepen your practice”?
  • Do you want to have a greater understanding of the poses, as well as the alignment principles and anatomy behind them?
  • Have you ever thought about teaching?

For everyone

Step onto the other side of the mat. By being part of this program, you’ll learn more about your own yoga practice and gain an understanding of the postures that will let you break them down. Hands-on assisting is a skill rarely taught, even in a teacher-training program.

This is an action based, participatory program. You’ll be getting in there, working with the postures as you give and receive assists. You benefit from both giving and receiving, as you learn how different assists feel in your own body.

This workshop is open to everyone. Assisting others in class is a way to serve and connect with our larger community. It’s an opportunity to “give back” and at the same time explore your own practice. And if you are considering teaching at some point in the future, ZAP lets your experience being on the teaching side of the mat without having to lead the class.

You will learn

  • Basic skeletal anatomy
  • How to assist safely and effectively
  • The lines of energy that let you assist any pose, even those new to you
  • The qualities of a great assist that heighten the experience for the student
  • How to create a safe space for people to trust and find a new edge

Sept. 26-27 & Oct. 3-4

Saturdays: 9am – 2pm
Sundays: 11am – 4pm


Cost: $299

“Touch and intimacy are basic human needs.”
- Universal Truth